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As part of the Lamprell Group, Sunbelt provides state-of-the-art safety solutions and services, as well as highly skilled and specialized professionals, to the energy industry.


Set up to provide strategies and solutions for handling the deadly toxic hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas, Sunbelt was established in Dubai in 1979 when the partners of the original ‘Sunbelt – Lafayette’ legacy business based in the US split up. wednesday : school da fees padni and chnages strt maltene sunbelt da thursday: images bk changes sunbelt da


Sunbelt abides by the wider Lamprell Group sustainability strategy as well as its HSES policy. Protection of our environment is also one of the cornerstones of our operating philosophy, and we set out to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.


We are delighted with the work done by Sunbelt’s H2S engineers on the Halul Shutdown; they have worked very well with our team and needed little supervision. It’s been a pleasure to work with them; they have always acted professionally and been prepared to go the extra mile whenever required to progress the job.

HSESQ policy

Safety is one of our core values. A pervasive culture of safety excellence exists at every level, starting at the very top of the organization. As part of the Lamprell Group, our executive management team maintains the highest levels of visibility and commitment within the business.

Management team

At Sunbelt, we believe that a strong and talented team is the foundation of our success. We are proud to introduce you to the exceptional individuals who make up our dedicated and passionate team.

Our vision and our values

Our vision is to be a leading safety partner to the energy sector, consistently delivering safe, high-quality, competitive, on-time solutions for our customers.

Because every employee influences our costs, we are all accountable to ensure that we achieve the most cost-effective solutions.

We conduct our business honestly, with professional integrity, fairly and transparently, and we are open and ethical in our day-to-day dealings with all stakeholders.

We deliver what we say we will.

We deliver world-class safety standards and leave nothing to chance, so everybody goes home safely.

We strive to work together with our stakeholders and believe great teams can achieve incredible results.

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