Sunbelt Safety Services History

Sunbelt Safety Services is a part of Lamprell Group located in Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Established in 1985 to provide strategies and solutions for handling the deadly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. Today, Sunbelt Safety Services Safety Services provides full service safety solutions to its clients.

Recruited world-wide, the Sunbelt Safety Services Team of dedicated professionals tailors its safety solutions to each customer's needs including customer set up, installation, support and emergency response services.

Since its inception, Sunbelt Safety Services's commitment to its clients and its people has positioned it as one of the leading companies specialising in H2S safety. This philosophy has driven the way the division builds, manages and retain long-term relationships with its customers.

While Sunbelt Safety Services represents a number of well established brand names in safety equipment, its differentiation comes from the capability and dedication of its safety professional; the individuals who operate and manage this equipment. Sunbelt Safety Services will continue building its reputation in the market, ensuring that every customer is satisfied with the products and services it provides.