Equipment Servicing and Maintenance

Sunbelt adheres to a policy of providing high level of after sales and maintenance service for the equipment that it provides. Agency agreement invariably include personnel who are factory trained to troubleshoot any problem that may arise.  By adhering to maintenance schedule, safety equipment provided by Sunbelt will deliver an efficient and cost effective service for many years. For customers using their own equipment, Sunbelt is also available to manage that equipment on a contract basis.

Hydrostatic Testing of Cylinders –US DOT Approved

Sunbelt holds the US Department of Transportation approved hydrostatic testing facility for periodic testing  and re-certification of breathing air cylinders. The efficacy of such equipment is periodically tested according to international safety regulations. This service is available for our client as well. 

SCBA Servicing / Flow Test / Posi-Check

Sunbelt is an authorised service center for “Scott” breathing apparatus and other SCBA  manufacturers. We have the complete range of manufacturer recommended equipment for testing and servicing breathing apparatus.

Gas Detection / Repair and Calibration

Qualified and skilled technicians working in the Sunbelt electronics shop, conduct regular maintenance of gas detection equipment of both the fixed and portable type. The technicians test and calibrate the equipment prior to dispatching it to the field.

Breathing Air Compressor

The workshop dedicated technicians are well educated and trained in the maintenance of breathing air compressors, both electric or diesel driven type.

Sunbelt team always ensures that breathing air compressors are properly serviced and maintained to produce breathing air up to Grade D standard of air purify in accordance with (“CGA”) for which Sunbelt has the necessary air quality test equipment.

Fire Extinguisher Service & Repair

Sunbelt’s Team of professionals includes highly skilled  technicians to perform servicing and repair of fire extinguishers. The workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools and spare parts to service and refill different types of fire extinguishers, i.e. water, foam, dry powder and CO2.