HSES Statement



Health, Safety, Environmental, and Security (HSES) service excellence is demonstrated in the core of Sunbelt as well as in all its sphere of operations.


Through the risks and complexity of its operations,Sunbelt has in place a well-defined HSES Systems

of processes suitable to the employees and geared to meet if not exceed customers’ expectations.


It is Sunbelt’s policy to provide HSES service that protects the health and safety of employees,

the persons involved in its operations, the client, the public at large and the environment.



  1. The safety and well-being of our employees, the persons involved in our operations, the clients, the public at large.
  2. Applicable laws, regulations, and standards are complied with.
  3. HSES matters are given the highest priority through the coherent, clearly defined processes and effective implementation of its procedures.
  4. All levels of management follow their responsibilities concerning matters they are accountable of.
  5. Sunbelt field personnel, H2S Protection Consultants and those assigned at sites are adequately equipped and trained in performing their responsibilities as effective professionals.
  6. Employees are observing their specified responsibilities to themselves, the clients and related persons by wearing protection, getting adequate training and being prepared at all times as required.
  7. Risk assessments are conducted as necessary.
  8. High awareness concerning given health and wellness programs is always enhanced by the active involvement and participation of all employees and interested parties.
  9. Employees are empowered to communicate and be effective concerning HSES at work including but not limited to ensuring to start work only when it is safe and to be prepared to act correctly in case of emergency.
  10. Employees acquire greater awareness concerning the environment and share for greater contribution through continuous improvement process.
  11. Sunbelt’s HSESperformance is underpinned by the given desire to excel. To this effect we will implement, measure, monitor, audit and review the HSES elements and processes of the company for continuous improvement.